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Watch This Guy Painfully Blow It On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ — Ooof!

Yikes. It’s not too often that you watch something and want to back away very slowly and pretend you were never involved in the first place. This is one of those times.

Wheel Of Fortune isn’t the easiest game. It’s no Jeopardy, but you’ve still got to be pretty knowledgeable about pop culture and good at guessing. Not everyone can have that skill, but most people probably wouldn’t blow it as badly as this guy. This poor guy gets his chance to win a million dollars on Wheel Of Fortune. Actually, he gets two chances — two chances where we were screaming at our TV begging him to just say the right thing. Does he say the right thing? No. He totally blows it. Twice. 

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We’re backing away slowly now and pretending we don’t know this person. Yup, we were never here. Don’t mind us.

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