Jim Parsons Can Finally Talk About His Top Secret ‘Muppets’ Role: Late Last Night

Last night, The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was relieved that he can finally talk about his special cameo in The Muppets, which producers told him was top secret. Parsons talks about how playing Walter’s alter-ego was “the role of a lifetime,” and why he still hasn’t seen the movie.


Claire Danes, star of Showtime’s new series Homeland, visited Conan last night to talk about the early days of her career, and how she started as every young, aspiring New York actor does: playing a deranged teenager on Law & Order.

Back on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Taylor Kitsch showed up to talk about his upcoming Mars-based movie John Carter, and to recall a particularly memorable, banana-inspired hockey fight from his Canadian youth.


Finally, The Daily Show welcomed Bono to speak about getting his back fixed by a German mad scientist, and his philanthropic efforts in the fight against AIDS.