Fans React To A Big Loss On Teen Wolf’s “Strange Frequencies”

Strange Frequencies

So far, in season 5 of Teen Wolf, we’ve gotten a lot of evidence suggesting that Theo is not a nice guy. Like, he’s clearly a freaking psychopath. Works with Dread Doctors, smashes his father’s hand with a hammer – not a normal dude. Well, in “Strange Frequencies” it looks like in order to solve their dilemma, Stiles needs to team up with Theo and the fans reacted accordingly – they flipped the F out. But the worst/saddest reactions to the seventh episode in this season were about the dramatic death at the end of the show.

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Fans were still reeling (and theorizing) after Theo killed Josh at the end of last week’s episode:

Fans were skeptical of Theo’s threat about knowing Stiles killed Donovan:

Theo suggested taking Josh’s body to figure out who was moving the chimeras and apparently Stiles was able to get on board with that:

Fans were not into Stiles’ acceptance of lying:

Fans are shipping Hayden/Liam HARD now that we’ve seen some cuter moments:

Hayden didn’t have the best reaction to finding out about werewolves:

When Hayden’s car died and the Dread Doctors showed up (chanting, because they do what they want), fans got extremely defensive:

Everyone swooned when Liam saved Hayden:

When Stiles lied to Scott about what happened between Josh and Theo, fans were paranoid what this meant for their friendship:

Liam and Hayden wound up back at Scott’s house and everyone knew he would be the best person to deal with her:

When Hayden opened the door and we saw the fangs and yellow eyes, fans couldn’t agree on what she might be (even with the OBVIOUS signs):

When Kira’s mom attacked her, it brought flashbacks to season one for some fans:

While others could not get over had awesome Kira’s fighting was:

But some fans were concerned, since it seems Kira’s kitsune isn’t fully in her control:

As Scott, Lydia, and the others (not Kira, since she’s trying to “stay away” to protect everyone) convene at the school to try and trap a Dread Doctor, The Surgeon shows up at the Vet Clinic to talk to Theo while he’s watching over Josh’s body and fans were confused by the interaction:


As Scott’s plan is put into effect with one Dread Doctor appearing, Theo attempts to get emotional with Stiles back at the Vet Clinic and no one was feeling it:

But after the flashback shows he clearly let his sister die, fans knew he has NO emotions:

Fans did NOT react well to Stiles freaking out that he would lose Scott as punishment for killing Donovan:

Lydia showed up in Parrish’s car and fans thought they’d gotten what we’ve all been waiting for:

But it was all just a mind trick:

Poor Malia wasn’t really in the episode…but then when she was:

Everyone had a collective heart attack when Scott followed the bloody dog collar and it brought him to Kira:

Lydia does some exploring and finds Tracy alive and well:

But it turns out these were more hallucinations:

Everyone wanted Stiles to hit Theo, but someone did it for him:

And that backfired quickly:

After Mason (human and super new to the supernatural) discovers that Corey is a chimera, he’s first to rescue Scott and the fandom cheered for him:

But we all quickly cried AGAIN, because Teen Wolf murdered our hearts with Liam and Hayden being taken by the Dread Doctors:

Poor Mama McCall had a rough night at the end of the episode:

But the saddest moment of the episode is when we realized Stiles’ Jeep was DONE:

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