Fans See More of The Future and Past In Teen Wolf’s “Required Reading”

Watching “Required Reading” took more brain power than your average Teen Wolf episode. It jumped from the present, to the past, the future, to the way-way past, and back again. The wolf crew is trying to understand The Dread Doctors and all these time jumps apparently is meant to help us all understand what the hell is going on. We were not prepared for those flashbacks though. Teen Wolf fans, join us on August 24 for a live-tweeting event! Follow us on Twitter and chat with us as we hashtag the night away with #TeenWolf.

Missed “A Novel Approach”? Catch up now with our most recent Tweetcap!

Scott needed an inhaler and we were all transported back to season 1, episode 1:

Scott said the line that everyone agreed with, “We shouldn’t have read that book”:

When the Sheriff and Malia were talking, fans realized that Stiles has kept too much to himself:

Fans were really excited when Parrish and Lydia were training together:

And then they had a serious ~moment~:

Some fans were NOT into it, like at all:

Scott turned to Theo to talk about people acting “strange” and fans were kind of pissed at him for it:

The fact that Scott believed Theo about the Dread Doctors was so infuriating, people were ready to bring dead characters back to hurt him:

Fans had some good jokes about the gang reading The Dread Doctors:

However, in all seriousness fans were concerned about what reading the book would do to the gang, especially poor Lydia:

This fan called out how bad Stiles and Malia have been towards each other lately:

Fans were not feeling the Hayden/Liam scenes at the club:

People freaked out when Theo started recording Kira speaking in Japanese:

When Lydia followed Sydney to investigate if she was a chimera, fans enjoyed their convo:

Lydia’s flashback to seeing her grandmother in Eichen House was terrifying for fans:

Fans loved Mason even more for researching kitsune and trying to help Kira understand herself more:

Fans wanted to cry after Scott had that flashback about Roxy and his first asthma attack:

Everyone just wanted Theo to leave and stop manipulating Malia by making her think she could trust him:

After Theo admit to recording Kira talking in her sleep, Scott says her aura has changed and then claims he might not be able to trust her anymore, and fans were PISSED OFF:

Fans had questions after Lydia was at the hospital and heard Hayden’s name:

All the tears came out when Stiles had the flashback about his mom freaking because of her dementia:

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