Fans Learn A Lot About Charles In “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

O brother, where art thou
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At the end of last week’s “No Stone Unturned”, fans discovered that Mr. D got a very ominous threat from Charles – the son he “thought” was dead. In “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, it seems he wants to pack the whole DiLaurentis family up and skip town, but that’s not going to happen. The Liars think they’ll be able to get the jump on Charles, but as dedicated PLL fans, we all know that’s probably not going to end very well for them.

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“O Brother, Where Art Thou” started with a familiar face and fans actually appreciated that:

And everyone saw that weird tension between Sara and Claire:

Some people thought it would be best if Sara actually went with Claire:

Fans started to understand that the liars aren’t the only ones scared of Charles:

And when Ali realized what was going on, people called Mr. D out for being a great parent:

Apparently, while the girls were kidnapped, Hanna’s mom applied to a bunch of scholarships and finally found out they received $30,000 for Hanna to use towards college:

But something felt fishy about The Carissmi Group – AKA the ones that gave them the money:

Mike was back from his time on Teen Wolf and fans were pissed as hell at Mona for what she did to him:

But they kissed and made up and the PLL fandom had a brief happy moment:

It seemed fans felt the same way about Lorenzo that Jason did:

Poor Jason only had a minute to play “protective older brother” before he was pulled into Charles games:

Fans weren’t sure what to think of Ali’s sketchy decision:

Spencer finally told Toby what the hell has been going on, but people had opinions:

No one had time to focus on Spoby, because Mona and Ali (of all freaking people) got in a car together:

Literally no one was happy that Ali called the police:

Fans actually felt bad for Charles when Jason went (alone, because he’s an idiot) to meet with him:

Even though it was a serious situation, fans found Toby’s encounter with the druggie gummy bears hilarious:

The big reveal of the night came when Ali and Jason heard an old home video playing and went to investigate:

But fans quickly pointed out how Jason and Freddie/Charles looked about the same age as Ali, even though they’re 6-7 years older:

And at the end of the episode, when A opened this, everyone was like WTF IS GOING ON ANYMORE:

And that’s all until next PLL Day! We’ll see you next TuesdAy.

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