Fans Root Against Lesli and Sara in PLL’s “No Stone Unturned”

No Stone Unturned
ABC Family/Tumblr

Last time we watched Pretty Little Liars, so much happened that our brains could hardly keep up. Mona was back, Lesli had been in Radley long enough to know Charles (who was apparently dead), and it seemed all the more likely that A might be a girl. Which would TOTALLY explain all these insane texts and threats over the years, but all PLL fans know to tread carefully when new information is revealed. In “No Stone Unturned” ABC Family proved that this really is the #SummerofAnswers.

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First off, people wanted to address that very unnecessary 2 week break on PLL:

Fans didn’t want the girls to immediately blame Lesli…like they do with every other person they think is A:

People were pretty pissed off (but not surprised) that Mr. DiLaurentis would be such a jerk to Emily:

Fans still aren’t sure how they feel about Emily taking care of Sara:

And they didn’t really enjoy Caleb and Sara “bonding”:

But everyone enjoyed that Kimye joke:

Fans had really strong opinions after Dean confessed to wanting to kiss Spencer:

This exchange between Hanna and Spencer was the highlight of the episode for fans:

People wanted to know why Lesli had those cages in her car:

And a ton of fake glasses:

Fans were heartbroken that Haleb still hadn’t worked things out (because Hanna is stubborn AF):

But then this happened, thank GOD:

Everyone was like WTF when Ezra started telling a stranger about Emily’s Life:

Fans pretty much all feel the same way about Clark:

Absolutely no one felt bad for Sara after her “accident”:

The girls found out a lot more than they expected to when looking through Lesli’s lab:

After Hanna went crazy and let the animals out in Lesli’s lab, Mona just showed up and theories started to fly:

But fans actually agreed that Mona made a good point that Lesli couldn’t be A/Charles:

Fans HATED that kiss between Sara and Emily:

And then knew why Sara did it:

In the last minute of the episode, we finally found out why Mr. D freaked out on Emily:

And that’s all until next PLL Day! We’ll see you next TuesdAy.

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