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NY Comic Con: Here’s What To Expect From Amazon Prime Video In 2017

In an exclusive panel on the first day of New York Comic Con, Amazon Prime Video previewed what special shows they have planned for 2017. The panel was moderated by Jamie Hector from Bosch and was joined by Ben Edlund from The Tick, Giovanni Ribisi and Graham Yost from Sneaky Pete, and special guests Aaron Mahnke and Gale Ann Hurd of Lore Podcast fame.

Highlights of the panel included a clip from the newly revived live action series The Tick starring Peter Serafinowicz. The clip showed The Tick effortlessly subduing a group of bad guys while laughing at their attempts to shoot his bulletproof body. After a heroic shout of “Stop your evil ways!” from the Tick, a building explodes and the clip comes to an end.


Commenting on the return of The Tick, creator Ben Edlund stated that the level of superhero saturation today is the perfect environment for The Tick and it’s the perfect time to join in. The Tick, which has had live action and animated incarnations in the past, is scheduled to return to Amazon Prime Video in 2017. Patrick Warburton, who played the title character in 2001, is one of the producers of the show.

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Another highlight included a clip from Sneaky Pete starring Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston. In the clip, Cranston’s character, Vince, approaches Ribisi’s character, Marius about some type of job regarding a con. Marius then shuffles a deck of playing cards and reveals them one by one to Vince but keeps the last one hidden. As a test, he asks Vince to guess the final card. Although Vince correctly deduces that it’s a number card and that it’s the color red, he incorrectly guesses the Three of Diamonds instead of the correct Six of Hearts. Marius then leaves to catch a cab but stops when his brother (?) receives a phone call.

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On the creation of the series, Executive Producer Graham Yost said he loved the concept of a show that was centered around con artists. He stated that he worked with actual con artists such as Apollo Robbins on the show to make sure Sneaky Pete felt authentic.

The Pilot Preview for Sneaky Pete is available on Amazon Prime Video and the full season is set to be released in January 2017.

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