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11 Reasons You Should Binge Watch ‘Supernatural’

Chances are, in the last 10 years you’ve heard of the show Supernatural. Maybe you watched it when it first aired in 2005 but fell off. Maybe you’ve only seen an episode or two with a friend who is obsessed. Or maybe you’ve never seen it at all. Whatever your reason for not being up to date with Supernatural, that needs to change. Supernatural isn’t just a show about supernatural creatures, it deals with family, navigating every day life, and figuring out how to handle what is expected of you; things we can all relate to. If you watch Supernatural already, then you know why it deserves a binge watch.

1. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


If we could (and we probably would) we’d just write a list of reasons why Jared and Jensen are the reason to watch this show. We don’t think we’d have stuck around for 11 seasons if it wasn’t for their AMAZING bromance. They are literally brothers.

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2. Sam and Dean’s lives are one big entertaining mess

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If you ever need to feel like you’ve got your shit together and have a normal life, just watch 5 minutes of Supernatural. Poor Sam and Dean. If it’s not Dean struggling with things like the Mark of Cain or Archangels wanting to inhabit your body, then it’s Sam losing his soul or dealing with the literal Devil.

3. Dean’s wisecracks will literally make you laugh every episode

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Dean can’t help himself, he always has some wise ass remark about every single case they work. He also always rips on Sam and it’s great.

4. Dean isn’t the only one who is funny, Sam will sneak up and make you laugh too

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It doesn’t happen every episode, but when it does, it’s worth the wait.

5. But Casitel is the best kind of comedic relief

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Castiel’s lack of pop culture knowledge makes him easily one of the most favored characters in the series.

6. The creatures on the show are not like anything else you’ll see on TV

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Vampires on Supernatural might look pretty, but their fangs are insane. Werewolves are much different than what Twilight led us to believe. Demons can look like anyone and can do a lot more than you might have believed.

7. And there are some seriously messed up cases.

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The CW

Teddy bears coming to life and killing themselves, ballet shoes that literally kill their wearer, masks that possess people, and more!

8. But Sam and Dean are badass hunters that give Winchester a good name.


Literally once every demon/creature/person they meet hears the name “Winchester” they’re on high alert. No one wants Sam or Dean looking for them.

9. The problems they struggle with are often complex and intriguing.

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You might think you understand crazy family dynamics, but you don’t know anything until you have to save your brother from Hell a dozen times, while dealing with the Devil, and wondering where the hell God has been this whole time.

10. But then some of their problems are so common, anyone can understand what they’re going through.

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Have you ever tried convincing your friends and family that you were “fine” when you really, really were not. Sam and Dean know your pain.

11. Jensen and Jared


So nice, we had to say it twice. Honestly, there is no bigger reason to watch Supernatural than them. If either actor left the series, it could not go on without them. There is no Supernatural without them. Sections of the entire fandom are dedicated to these two and how much we all LOVE them.

The first 10 seasons of Supernatural are on Netflix, so you can watch now! Season 11 can be found on The CW’s website and Hulu. Catch up now before season 11 returns on January 20, 2016.

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