Checkout Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment Recreated As A Doom 2 Level

Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment was the absolute center of the Seinfeld series. It’s almost more recognized than the Central Perk from Friends and about on par with Rachel and Monica’s purple-doored, way-to-big-to-actually-be-affordable apartment. There’s certainly something about the ’90s and oversized, NYC apartments.

Someone who obviously loves a bit of ’90s nostalgia decided to recreate Seinfeld’s apartment from the eponymous show as a level in the classic video game Doom 2. It’s definitely weird, but definitely hilarious (and also pretty spot on if you ask us).  The YouTuber even managed to create an 8-bit version of Seinfeld’s theme song. The sound effects are so perfect.

For those of you who haven’t played Doom or watched Seinfeld we suggest you find a time machine because you’re seriously missing out on some of the best parts of ’90s.

The load screen is fantastic. 


Just look at the living room!


Oh those ’90s video game graphics.


If this was a real Doom level could we use Junior Mints instead of an actual gun? That’d probably work just as well, right? Someone make this playable, please!

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