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12 Christmas-Themed TV Episodes You Should Definitely Rewatch

The holidays are all about tradition, and for pop culture addicts like us, that includes Christmas-themed television. These festive episodes are guaranteed to put us in the holiday spirit (and keep us from whining about the TV drought known as “winter hiatus”). We think they’ll do the same for you!


1. The OC – “The Best Chrismukkah Ever”

Christmas or Hanukkah: why choose? That was Seth Cohen’s motto and the combo-holiday idea was sheer brilliance. Bonus: This is the episode where Summer dresses as Wonder Woman to win Seth’s affections.

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2. The Office – “Christmas Party”

The Office had a lot of Christmas-themed episodes, but this one is the best. Michael buys an iPod for his Secret Santa, then makes everyone play Yankee Swap when the gift he gets isn’t so great (Sorry, Phyllis). This is also the episode where Jim gets Pam the teapot filled with inside jokes. The sweetest.

3. Roswell – “A Roswell Christmas Carol”

Who knew aliens were so into Christmas? The holiday season turns Isabel into the “Christmas Nazi,” Michael tries to get Maria an adequate gift, and Max heals a bunch of sick children at the hospital.

4. Gilmore Girls – “Forgiveness and Stuff”

Lorelai gets uninvited from his parents’ annual Christmas party, so Luke makes her a Santa burger to cheer her up. He also takes care of her when her father ends up in the hospital.

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5. Glee – “A Very Glee Christmas”

If you enjoy Christmas music, this episode is for you. The Gleeks sing their hearts out to seven holiday tunes. Bonus: We find out Brittany still believes in Santa Claus.

6. How I Met Your Mother – “How Lily Stole Christmas”

Lily finds out that Ted once called her a “Grinch” (that’s code word for something a bit…worse) and doesn’t take it too well.

7. New Girl – “The 23rd”

It starts with Jess realizing she doesn’t love her current boyfriend, but ends with Jess and the guys bonding over Christmas lights.

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8. Saved by the Bell – “Home For Christmas”

In this two-parter, Zach meets a homeless girl and her father at the mall and invites them over to spend Christmas with his family. The gang also puts on a production of A Christmas Carol.

9. Seinfeld – “The Strike”

Ok, so it’s technically not about Christmas, but about a fake holiday George’s father created. Still a holiday classic!

10. Veronica Mars – “An Echolls Family Christmas”

Veronica investigates a poker game theft, and Aaron Echolls gets stabbed at his own Christmas party. That’s about as festive as Veronica Mars gets.

11. Parks and Recreation – “Ron and Diane”

Ron gets nominated for a fine woodworking award – which prompts Leslie to burst into his office dressed as an elf yelling “Merry Congratuchristmas!” Plus, Jerry (of all people) throws a Christmas party.

12. Sherlock – “His Last Vow”

So much happens in the season 3 finale, and not all Christmas-related. But the part where Sherlock drugs everyone at his family Christmas party so he can go solve a crime is exactly how you’d expect him to spend the holidays.

Now it’s time to curl up with some hot cocoa and start rewatching!

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