15 Things That Can Only Happen on an ABC Family Show

If you’ve ever watched an ABC Family show, then you know while they’re highly-addicting, they’re pretty far-fetched 90% of the time. So farfetched, you find yourself constantly saying, “That never happens. That would NEVER happen in real life.”

1. Only ABC Family could get away with this dialogue and plot:

ABC Family/ichbcrane.tumblr.com

What? No way. That’s crazy. I’m obviously telling the truth. You can tell from my voice and face.

2. In this one high school, a guy gets one girl pregnant. She then dates a different guy and has the old guy’s baby. Her new boyfriend (though on a break at the time? broken up?) then gets a different girl pregnant:

ABC Family/gottalovebeingafangirl.tumblr.com

And then she lost the baby. Yes the happens in real life. Does it happen all at the same high school? No.

3. Seriously, this channel love pregnancies:

ABC Family/gemmateller.tumblr.com

Happy, sad, unexpected, the more pregnancy, the better!

4. It’s a channel that will make you wait 5 years to find out who the villain is:

ABD Family/tumblr.com

5. Better yet, just the fact that this channel has a villain that literally can torture 4 girls and their friends/family at one time, with only the help of a few known people:

ABC Family/frootymayhem.tumblr.com

I get that it’s high school, but no one is that well connected. Also, if A is in high school, or college, 123 texts is SO unimpressive over a 2-3 year time frame. I could send 123 texts in 10 minutes.

6. A foster family exists, and while they’re not perfect, their name is perfect for the show:

ABC Family/thefoster-onabcfamily.tumblr.com

Don’t get us wrong, The Fosters is actually a great show with an incredible mix of storylines, actors, and subplots…but c’mon The Fosters are a family with foster children and their name really is Foster.

7. Grand love declarations are made at hockey rinks:

ABC Family/tumblr.com

Girl, he would NOT be able to hear you. Have you ever been to a hockey game before?! Also, no way in hell does he play for the Rangers A.K.A. the team who plays out of “the world’s most famous arena”, Madison Square Garden.

8. An aunt suddenly has to adopt her teenage niece and nephew and then hires a nanny – manny – that looks like this:

ABC Family/kingofspain.tumblr.com

We totally believe the having to adopt your niece * nephew under circumstance, but that‘s your manny? Mhm.

9. High school graduation proposals exist and are not frowned upon:

ABC Family/pazzerella.tumblr.com

Graduation day is not about you guys. Stop that.

10. Apparently this channel thinks this is being sly:

ABC Family/merveiyeux.tumblr.com

ABC Family/merveiyeux.tumblr.com

11. Five teenagers – all friends – get arrested in relation to the death of one of their peers and apparently go to jail, together:

ABC Family/prettylittleliars.tumblr.com

This isn’t Orange Is The New Black! These girls wouldn’t all be going to prison IRL. But don’t worry. They’re going to get kidnapped before they even make it to prison. ABC Family logic.

12. Having a show where the premise is a baby legit being dumped on a guy’s doorstep:

ABC Family/tumblr.com


ABC Family

These girls were switched at birth and ~no one~ knew it.

14. Sleeping with your boss is A-okay:

ABC Family/gabis-diamond.tumblr.com

15. So is sleeping with your teacher:

ABC Family/fallenasecrets.tumblr.com

Like, it’s actually a joke to everyone. That’s cool. Totally normal and not wrong at all.

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