Punk’d Returns: Five Stars Who Started on The MTV Series — VIDEO

Bill HaderPunk’d returned March 29 and one thing is for sure: it’s the same as it every was.

Apart from a few bells and whistles (see: exploding yachts), the series is relatively the same, pitting unknown actors against our favorite celebs and coaxing them into a terrifying faux debacles. But it’s time to start paying attention to some of those unknown actors. When Punk’d first hit the television waves, it came with a dose of budding talent. And seeing what a few of these now-familiar faces managed after spending their time posing as crooked driving instructors and Santa’s helpers, it can’t be that long until one of the new “field agents” winds up with his or her own TV show. 
You know him as one of the funniest actors on Saturday Night Live, famous for his Vincent Price impression and his misguided New York expert, Stefon, but Hader started out by convincing Ashlee Simpson she’d ruined a priceless painting on Ashton Kutcher’s MTV series.

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2. Kaitlin Olson

The actress now known as Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia first appeared as a lowly Christmas elf when Kutcher punked Beyonce into thinking she ruined a children’s Christmas celebration. Despicable, right? Apparently not much has changed. (Skip to 5:33 to see Olson punk Bey.)

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He pay be the punk on NBC’s The Office, but he started out as the punk trying to teach Hilary Duff to drive.


4. Stephen Rannazzisi

You may now know Rannazzisi as the all-time fantasy league lose on FX’s The League, but there was a time when his job was irritating celebs. Check out the first prank in the embed below to see the funnyman in his early role.

Last, but not least, we have Shepard, whose appearance is likely more memorable than these other TV stars. He did a little buck naked aerobics for Jessica Alba long before he joined NBC’s Parenthood or started giving sloths to his now-wife Kristen Bell. 

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