7 Reasons We Love ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Smart Guy Leo Fitz

Iain de Caestecker, Agents of SHIELDABC Television Network

We don’t know what will become of Leo Fitz after last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale (warning: spoilers to follow!), but it’s not looking good: both Simmons and Fury’s rather subdued reactions when asked of his well-being hint at some kind of permanent damage. Since his brain was without oxygen for an extended period of time, brain damage seems his most likely fate. And alas, a brain damaged super-genius sounds like a tragedy ripped right out of the Whedon playbook.

So while we wait out the long and arduous summer hiatus, why not take a look at all the reasons we love him so?

7. Loyalty

The rest of his team has taken Ward’s new status as a turncoat with a jaded, quiet fury, but Fitz is the only one who believes Ward might just be redeemable (and he’s probably right). To the general annoyance of everyone else, he holds out hope: maybe Ward was coerced! Maybe Ward’s a triple agent! Even when Ward is threatening to kill him and Simmons, he tells him, “I know that you’re a good person, Ward. And you can choose, right now, to be good!”

6. He’s kind of a buffoon

Case in point: he lit the curtains on fire with a Howling Commando’s laser-disguised-as-a-cigarette. And brought along a sandwich when he was being chased by dogs.

5. He’s a romantic

His relationship with Simmons might have started out on the wrong side of annoying, but with each subsequent episode, it’s grown more and more adorable. Remember when he made Simmons promise to him she wasn’t Hydra? Or when he said that the one thing he’d want most on a desert island was Simmons? For the record, she’d want to have the TARDIS — us too, Simmons. Us too.

4. Style

He mixes prints (we’re talking plaid, polka dots, stripes, and more) with surprising aplomb. Who knew this science geek was such a fashionista? (Or is it fashionisto…) In any case, he and Simmons make quite the matched set in their geek chic wares.

3. Sensitive is the new manly

He shed actual tears when Agent Garrett revealed his true colors as an undercover Hydra agent. In a show where characters are trained to tamp down their emotions (see: Agent Melinda May), it was a welcome change.

2. But when it comes down to it, he’s willing to kill for his team

His ability to show his sensitive side doesn’t mean that he can’t be tough as nails when it comes down to it. In a moment of sheer badassery, he had absolutely no qualms about disabling the machinery keeping Agent Garrett alive.

1. Can you say “selfless?”

In last night’s episode, he puts his life on the line to save Simmons, and the real kicker is, it’s his way of proving his love for her. Now, bring on the tears.

Hopefully, Fitz’ fate was left uncertain for a reason. While Whedon may have a penchant for tragedy, it’s also worth noting that he also has a penchant for unlikely resurrections. And besides, if anyone can find a way to cure whatever ails him, it’s Simmons.