Nick Jonas Recounts That Time He Accidentally Got High Before The Young Hollywood Awards

Nick Jonas is a fairly clean cut fellow, but once the star ditched his purity ring, he found himself slipping down the sordid path of not-so-hard drugs — at least one time.

In an interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jonas recounts the time he tried his friend’s marijuana lollipop before he presented at the Young Hollywood Awards (Hey, we’re sure it was probably legal in California!).

Jonas learned the hard way that edible weed lasts for…like…hours, man. But who could really say since he claims time was moving beyond slow?

So, what does an accidentally high person choose to wear to a red carpet? A red suit of course. Smooth, Jonas! Totally blending in. Sunglasses are a nice touch to cover up his inevitable stoner eyes. For everyone wanting to know if the carpet matches the drapes  (rather, eyes actually, and also apparently his suit) it definitely does behind those shades.


Jonas’ eccentric suit choice wasn’t his only red carpet blunder. The star unfortunately had what he calls a “NARB.” Don’t know what that is? It involves male genitalia doing what it wants for “no apparent reason.” Poor Jonas! No wonder he strategically placed his hands in front of himself.

He didn’t fare much better presenting — telling off-script jokes that didn’t really make much sense and generally just standing around and staring for way, way too long. This is why you don’t do drugs, kids!

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