The Liars Get Closer Than Ever To ‘A’ In “FrAmed”

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After almost 6 years of desperately trying to figure out who “A” is, the Liars are finally closer than ever to figuring out the mystery. All signs seem to point to Charles DiLaurentis, even if his reasons for torturing a bunch of teenagers he never knew aren’t very clear. In “FrAmed”, the Liars think they’ve found a missing DiLaurentis link, they discover that a friend might not really be a friend, and there were two parents in one episode, which basically made for PLL history.

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Fans tried to figure out why Ali was suddenly so interested in Charles/Freddie:

Hanna went off on Ali for her flimsy attempts at defending her brother and she had the fans support:

When Hanna and Spencer went to the Carissimi Group to return her scholarship, fans applauded her character development:

Fans and the Liars both had very similar thoughts about the man from The Carissimi Group:

As they have been all season, fans were pissed with Emily about Sara:

But then THIS happened:

Aria’s mom was back (since only one family member of Aria’s can appear per episode apparently) and was already freaking out, so fans weren’t feeling her:

Halfway through the episode Red Coat appeared with A and fan theories were all over the place:

When Aria asked Ezra to her prom, fans wanted them to figure their shit out already:

When Aria told Clark she was there for him, this fan had to voice their opinion on the new “couples” for PLL:

When A swapped out Aria’s real gallery entry, fans felt as sickened as the Liars:

When Clark showed up at the abandoned doll house to meet with Rhys, fans had plenty of reasons for him to be there:

People called out Ali after she took care of Lorenzo and then stole his ID:

And then she managed to get caught snooping:

When Lorenzo found out and got in trouble because of Ali, everyone knew she hadn’t changed one bit:

The episode ended with Red Coat and A meeting up in a limo to make some prom date plans:

And a lot of fans think that Aria might actually be involved:

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