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17 Ways to Tell if You’re a Peggy or a Joan from ‘Mad Men’

The title may be Mad Men, but the women of Mad Men are just as compelling, if not more so. Peggy and Joan are two very different, yet equally fierce characters and we’ve loved watching their journeys. Remember when Peggy was just Don’s naïve secretary? And remember when Joan was just the bossy Office Manager? Now Peggy’s a Copy Chief and Joan’s a partner. Here are some ways to tell if you’re a Peggy or a Joan in the workplace.


1. You’ve got it, and you flaunt it.

2. Everyone keeps telling you to show off your “darling little ankles.”

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3. You silently judge people.

4. People not-so-silently judge you.

5. It took you a while, but you’re finally seen as one of the guys.

6. You know everything that goes on in the office.

7. You’re bossy and you don’t care if people like you.

8. You’re bossy but you still care if people like you.

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9. You have a love/hate relationship with your boss. (Ok, that’s both Peggy AND Joan.)

10. You got ahead in the workplace because you used your brain.

11. You got ahead in the workplace because you used…other things.

12. People think they can take advantage of you. Key word being think.

13. People know not to mess with you.

14. You’re always trying to dispense give helpful advice.

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15. You try to do your own thing.

16. You’re a workaholic and you know it.

17. You try to convince yourself you’re not a workaholic.

So which one are you? A Peggy or a Joan? Tell us on Twitter!

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