Everything You Need to Know About ‘Continuum’ Before Season 3


Continuum is an insanely addictive sci-fi action series from Canada. Like Lost Girlthe series is edgier than your typical American show. It puts a bizarre spin on its use of time travel. In the year 2077, big business has taken over and instituted a police state. There is no longer such a thing as privacy or free thought. Laws are enforced by Protectors of the City Protective Services (CPS). Meanwhile, the questionably titled terrorist group, Liber8, is trying to undermine the stronghold of big business.

Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is a committed policewoman and military veteran. She gets pulled through time and space when Liber8 uses a time travel device to go to the year 2012. Armed with knowledge of the future and its unique gifts, the only one able to stop them is Kiera, equipped with a cybernetic suit and Swiss-army gun. All the while, she struggles with having left her family in the past (or future).

The first two seasons are available on Netflix. However, if you want to jump right into Season 3 we’ve got everything you need to know be caught up on the series. (Obviously, this breakdown includes major spoilers). 

Season 1

Kiera is shocked to find herself in the year 2012. Her suit and brain implant, CMR, get its wires crossed with a teenage boy’s computer. That boy, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen), will be the father of an entire age of technology. With Alec’s hacking at her disposal, Kiera uses her knowledge of Liber8 to help the police. Her cover is the bizarre premise of made up secret part of the government. She partners with Vancouver police detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster).

Under the leadership of Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola), Liber8 tries to change the future by murdering people and destroying businesses in 2012. Meanwhile, reluctant Liber8 member Matthew Kellog (Stephen Lobo) goes solo and uses his knowledge of the future to succeed financially. Kagame sacrifices himself to ensure that his plans to change the future come to fruition.

The season culminates in an epic terrorist act. Kiera suddenly remembers a terrorist attack that occurred in her original timeline’s version of 2012: the major explosion costs Kagame his life. Alec unlocks a secret message in Kiera’s memory. Alec, in the future, is instrumental in sending Kiera and Liber8 into the past. Meanwhile, Alec’s step-brother is the father of the Liber8 movement and Alec loses his step-father in a major confrontation. Finally, in a complete WTF shocker, Kiera sleeps with Kellog. The question arises: was Kiera always meant to visit the past? Is she ensuring the future with her family will exist or is she changing it with every act she does?

Season 2

The second season finds a couple of changes. Kiera’s suit is no longer bronze but a darker black (to match her new attitude). She’s committed to getting home by any means necessary. Kellog is using his finances to influence Alec by building him a lab. Kiera also learns that a few other people from the future came back through time, including her partner from 2077. But they arrived at different times. Her partner dies of old age, leaving behind an extra super suit. The other future survivor is Jason (Ian Tracey).

Liber8 is having some internal battles. Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig) was appointed by Kagame but Travis Verta (Roger Cross) has the most leader potential. They jockey for control over Alec’s step-brother Theseus. They also try and get Jim Martin (Tahmoh Penikett) elected into government.

Meanwhile, a third group of time travelers, Freelancers, are slowly cropping up. They blow Kiera’s cover with the police department. There also is the mysterious figure known as Escher (Hugh Dillon) who tries to enlist Kiera’s help. It turns out he’s Alec’s father, Alec’s girlfriend is a spy, and Jason is Alec’s son from the future. The season ends with Kiera offered a chance to go back home using Escher’s resources and the time travel device. However, Alec’s girlfriend is killed so he uses the device to go back in time. Trapped in the present Kiera is apprehended by the Freelancers and imprisoned to no longer make any changes to the timeline.

How will Kiera get out of the hands of Freelancers? Is Alec the evil mastermind capable of ruining Kiera’s life or is he a victim of all this time traveling? Find out when Season 3 begins on Syfy.