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How Much Do You Know About ‘Arrested Development’? Learn From Our Trivia Gallery!

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In exploring the many folds of the Arrested Development universe, you’re bound to come across a number of questions: Where did the lighter fluid come from? Who the f**k ate Tobias’ hard boiled eggs? And of course, her? But there are also other questions that you’ll be probed to ask upon considering the wondrous comedy from the brilliant mind of Mitchell Hurwitz. You’ll wonder just how many times narrator Ron Howard begins an episode with the word “Michael,” or whether or not Will Arnett was the first choice for GOB. Well, we’ve got a few answers for you in our gallery of Arrested Development trivia.

Although experts might think they know everything there is to know about the Bluths, there might be one or two tidbits in this list that’ll take you by surprise. Check out our gallery of little known Arrested facts, and catch the new season on Netflix on May 26.

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