Brad Renfro

A precociously talented child star who fell prey to Hollywood's all-too-common tragic trajectory, Brad Renfro wowed critics and fans with his debut opposite Susan Sarandon in the John Grisham adaptation "The Client" ... Read more »
Born: 07/25/1982 in East Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Actor (21)

Chasing Holden 2014 (Movie)


The Informers 2009 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

10th and Wolf 2006 (Movie)

Vincent (Actor)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2006 (Tv Show)


Hollywood Flies 2005 (Movie)

Jamie (Actor)

The Jacket 2005 (Movie)

Stranger (Actor)

Confessions of an American Girl 2002 (Movie)


Deuces Wild 2002 (Movie)

Bobby (Actor)

The Job 2002 (Movie)

Troy Riverside (Actor)

Bully 2001 (Movie)

Mario 'Marty' Puccio (Actor)

Ghost World 2001 (Movie)

Josh (Actor)

Happy Campers 2001 (Movie)

Wichita (Actor)

Skipped Parts 2001 (Movie)

Dothan Talbot (Actor)

Tart 2001 (Movie)


Apt Pupil 1998 (Movie)

Todd Bowden (Actor)

The Theory of the Leisure Class 1998 (Movie)


Telling Lies in America 1997 (Movie)

Karchy Jonas (Actor)

Sleepers 1996 (Movie)

Young Michael (Actor)

The Cure 1995 (Movie)

Erik (Actor)

Tom and Huck 1995 (Movie)

Huck Finn (Actor)

The Client 1994 (Movie)

Mark Sway (Actor)
Music (2)

Danny Roane: First Time Director 2005 (Movie)

("Two Legged Dope") (Song)

The Jacket 2005 (Movie)

("Feel This Way") (Song)
Producer (1)

Bully 2001 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)


A precociously talented child star who fell prey to Hollywood's all-too-common tragic trajectory, Brad Renfro wowed critics and fans with his debut opposite Susan Sarandon in the John Grisham adaptation "The Client" (1994). Tween-friendly turns in the AIDS-themed drama "The Cure" (1995) and opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas in "Tom and Huck" (1995) augured teen idolhood, but the hard-edged Renfro resisted being packaged. Gravitating towards darker, unconventional material, Renfro revealed much of himself in a string of sensitive but emotionally damaged characters in projects like "Sleepers" (1996) as the younger version of Brad Pitt, "Apt Pupil" (1998) as a twisted teen homoerotically fascinated by a former Nazi, an abused youth driven to murder his best friend in Larry Clark's powerful "Bully" (2001), and a sweet-natured but aimless convenience store clerk in the cult favorite "Ghost World" (2001). Renfro's personal demons and drug and alcohol addiction proved his undoing, and just as his child stardom was transitioning into an interesting and offbeat adult acting career, Renfro descended into never-ending legal troubles that destroyed his personal and professional lives. Tragically, the talented young actor died of a heroin overdose on Jan. 15, 2008, reminding more than a few of River Phoenix, and robbing himself and the world of ever realizing his amazing, unconventional potential.


After Renfro's death, it was revealed that he had a son who lived in Japan with his mother the family have refused to name the boy or reveal any further details in order to protect his privacy

Died in 2001 in an interview in <i>Details</i>, (September 2001), Renfro described the man as a convict and a "drugstore cowboy"


Divorced from Renfro's father in 1987 remarried relocated from Tennessee to Michigan

Jesse Hasek

Lead singer of the band 10 Years

Gaby Hoffmann Actor

Briefly dated in 1997

Mark Renfro

Worked in a blueprint factory divorced Renfro's mother in 1987 lived with Renfro and grandmother for a while before remarrying and moving out

Joanne Renfro

Raised Renfro


In 1994, under the guidance of director Joel Schumacher, Renfro transferred from public school to a Montessori school in Knoxville, TN

Attended public school in Knoxville, TN



Appeared in final film, "The Informers"; based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel (released posthumously)


Starred in "10th and Wolf" an indie film based on a story by Bobby Moresco and Chazz Palminteri


Cast in the psychological thriller "The Jacket"


Acted alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh in the 1960s-set coming of age drama "Skipped Parts"


Co-starred with Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson in Terry Zwigoff's "Ghost World"


Had leading role of a troubled Florida teen who turns on his abusive friend in Larry Clark's "Bully"; based on the 1993 murder of Bobby Kent and adapted from the book <i>Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge</i>


Starred as a high school student obsessively fasinated with Nazism in Bryan Singer's "Apt Pupil"


Played a teenage boy embroiled in the 1960s radio payola scandal in Guy Ferland's "Telling Lies in America"


Portrayed Brad Pitt's character as a teenager in the gritty drama "Sleepers"


Played the neighborhood toughguy who befriends a stigmatized HIV-positive youngster in "The Cure"


Played Huckleberry Finn opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Tom Sawyer in Disney's "Tom and Huck"


Feature debut, a starring role as a young targeted witness, in Joel Schumacher's "The Client"

Acted in school productions sponsored by DARE; a program that deals with the dangers of drugs

Raised by his paternal grandmother in Knoxville, TN

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In June 1998, Renfro was detained for suspicion of possession of marijuana and cocaine; struck a plea and agreed to be randomly tested for substance abuse for six months; if he remained clean, charges would not be pursued.


In August 2000, Renfro was arrested and charged with grand theft after allegedly attempting to steal a yacht valued in excess of $100,000 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was in Florida shooting a film entitled "Bully" (2001) and was released on $10,000 bail. In January 2001, the actor was sentenced to two-year's probation and fined over $4000.


On Dec. 22, 2005, Brad Renfro was arrested in a sting operation after he allegedly tried to buy heroin from an undercover officer; ordered into a drug treatment program after he pleaded guilty to charges of trying to buy heroin.


Renfro was arrested in May 2001 for underage drinking.


The actor was again arrested for public intoxication and driving without a license on Jan. 14, 2002. As a result, he was incarcerated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when he turned himself on charges of violating his probation. Renfro was sentenced to 90 days of rehabilitation.