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News Roundup: Dec. 11

Dec 11, 2001 | 10:11am EST

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America's patriotic spirit is still going strong: Touchstone Home Entertainment's Pearl Harbor DVD has set an industry record by selling 3.7 million copies after one week on the shelves, grossing more than $130 million. The 60th anniversary commemorative double-disc edition tops Universal's Thanksgiving release of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which sold 3.5 million units in its debut week.

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Tom Hanks, last seen in Cast Away, will be starring in DreamWorks Pictures' Terminal, where he'll play a Balkan immigrant forced to live in an airport lounge after his country falls apart. Hanks will also be starring in Sam Mendes' The Road to Perdition for the studio.

Barely out of the saddle, CBS's The Early Show host Bryant Gumbel presented his longtime gal pal Hilary Quinlan with a large ring and asked her to marry him, according to Gumbel's messy divorce from his former wife, June, has only been final for three months.

Three generations of the Douglas family--Kirk, Michael and Cameron--will be making a film together called Smack, a comedy about three generations of a dysfunctional family. It'll mark the first time Kirk and Michael have appeared in a film together and will be Cameron's first major film role.

The online music provider Pressplay will be the first online music subscription service to allow users to transfer music to their own CDs. Backed by Sony and Universal, Pressplay, with a library of more than 100,000 tracks, will launch at the end of the year, and joins other online music services, including MusicNet and

Napster, the original online music-swapping site, and the record industry spent another day in court, hashing out the details on court-ordered, copyright infringement restrictions. The sticking points remain on how to share the burden to prevent illegal song exchanges.


Singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, soul singer Al Green and bandleader/pianist Count Basie will be among the musicians honored at the 44th annual Grammy Awards next year, as they will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Grammys will air Feb. 27 on CBS.

The Patrice Chereau English-language feature Intimacy won the coveted Prix Louis Delluc for the best French film of 2001. It was also the winner of the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.

Prince Charles won an award for his watercolors at the Florence Int'l Biennale Exhibition of Contemporary Art. The man who would be king's award-winning 20 lithographs depict his country estates.


Indian actor Ashok Kumar, considered the Grandfather of Indian cinema and star of more than 250 films, died Monday of complications due to old age. He was 90. One daughter, Preeti Ganguly, survives Kumar.

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