Halloween is Officially Over! Let’s Gear Up For The Holidays With ABC Family’s ‘Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas’

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Guess what?! It’s November folks, and though you might not have even made a dent in your pile of Halloween candy, November means we can officially begin thinking about CHRISTMAS! We aren’t the only ones who are super excited about the most magical time of year. ABC Family has just released their countdown to the official countdown. Yes, you read that correctly, ABC Family is doing a ‘Countdown To 25 Days Of Christmas’, and quite frankly we couldn’t be more excited. Beginning a few days before Thanksgiving, ABC Family will be showing some fan favorites like Toy Story and The Hunger Games. Also, for all of you Pretty Little Liars fans, they have a really cool special in store. On November 24nd, ABC Family will be debuting their “Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward” special, which will catch up with the gang five years from now. The Countdown To 25 Days Of Christmas will begin on Sunday, November 22nd. Check out the full line-up below.  Please note, all times are Eastern Standard.

Sunday, Nov. 22
5 p.m. EST – The Parent Trap
8 p.m. EST – Toy Story
10 p.m. EST – Toy Story 2
Monday, Nov. 23
4:30 p.m. EST – Toy Story
6:30 p.m. EST – Toy Story 2
8:30 p.m. EST – Finding Nemo
12 a.m. EST – The Family Stone
Tuesday, Nov. 24
5:30 p.m. EST – Finding Nemo
8 p.m. EST – Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward
9 p.m. EST –Young & Hungry: Young & Christmas
12 a.m. EST – Jingle All the Way
Wednesday, Nov. 25
4:30 p.m. EST – Cinderella
6:30 p.m. EST – Monsters, Inc.
8:30 p.m. EST – Ratatouille
12 a.m. EST – Santa Baby

Thursday, Nov. 26
3:45 p.m. EST – Monsters, Inc.
6 p.m. EST – Ratatouille
8:45 p.m. EST – Planes
12 a.m. EST – Holiday In Handcuffs
Friday, Nov. 27
3:30 p.m. EST – Tarzan
5:30 p.m. EST – Planes
7:45 p.m. EST – The Hunger Games
12 a.m. EST – Jingle All The Way
Saturday, Nov. 28
6:30 p.m. EST – The Incredibles
9 p.m. EST – Wreck-It Ralph
11:15 p.m. EST –Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Sunday, Nov. 29
5:30 p.m. EST – The Incredibles
8 p.m. EST – Wreck-It Ralph
10 p.m. EST – Jingle All The Way
Monday, Nov. 30
5 p.m. EST – Jingle All The Way
7 p.m. EST – Disney’s A Christmas Carol
9 p.m. EST – The Polar Express
12 a.m. EST – Little Fockers

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