See The Cast of ‘Saved By The Bell’: Then and Now

If you can believe it, it’s already been 22 years since the original Saved By The Bell ended. We’re not talking about the College Years, because who wants to remember those? As the world already knows, Mario Lopez A.K.A. A.C. Slater and his bestie Zack Morris look better than ever, but what about Dustin Diamond? Did Screech ever grow out of that awkward phase?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar - Zack Morris 
Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
Unsurprisingly, Mark-Paul Gosselaar still looks amazing. We were a little heartbroken when he went brunette, but we've gotten used to his new look and we love it. He may always remain Zack Morris to us, but MPG did go on to create another name for himself. For four seasons he was on Franklin & Bash (he was Bash) with another former '90s star, Breckin Meyer. He's set to star on the new NBC show People Are Talking in the Fall of 2015.
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen - Kelly Kapowski
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
As we all might remember, after SBTB, Tiffani went on to star on Beverly Hills, 90210 for a few seasons as Valerie Malone, a very different character from Kelly Kapowski. In 2005 she married Brady Smith and the couple have two children together. Some of her more recent work includes voicing Misty the Mermaid on Jake and the Neverland Pirates and playing Elizabeth Burke on White Collar. She also runs her own website, where she talks about food, home, and lifestyle - and she gives us sick recipes for ice cream.
Mario Lopez - A.C. Slater
Mario Lopez, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
Since his days as Slater, Mario Lopez has been one busy dude. He's been on Nip/Tuck, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Pacific Blue. What he's best known for these days his portraying himself, as a television host. He's been a host on Extra since 2007. He recently hosted an event for Piper & Paxton in Chicago which is a pop-up baby boutique with his wife Courtney Mazza.
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Elizabeth Berkley - Jessie Spano
Elizabeth Berkley, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Splash News
Seeing as she starred in Show Girls back in the mid '90s, it was no surprise to us when Elizabeth appeared on season 17 of Dancing With The Stars. Despite her excellent judges' scores, she was voted off early and finished in 6th place. She's sticking with dancing now, recently rehearsing in the studios with some of the So You Think You Can Dance crew. She also runs the website Ask Elizabeth, which is a self help resource meant for teenage girls.
Dustin Diamond - Samuel "Screech" Powers
Dustin Diamond, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
Unlike some of his former cast members, Dustin Diamond hasn't had the most glamorous career post Saved By The Bell. In 2006 he released his own sex tape, Screeched - Saved By The Smell, though he later tried to claim he used a stunt double in the tape. In 2009 he released Behind The Bell, his point-of-view from his SBTB days, featuring some very unflattering stories about his former friends. Around Christmas in 2014, he got into a bar fight and apparently stabbed someone. In June of 2015, he was sentenced to 4 months in jail for this incident.
Lark Voorhies - Lisa Turtle
Lark Voorhies, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
Over the last decade, Lark Voorhies hasn't been acting much, appearing in a few television guest spots on Robot Chicken and The Comeback Kids. Since 2010 she's written and published 3 books: Reciprocity, Trek of the Cheshire, and A True Light.
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Dennis Haskins - Mr. Richard Belding
Dennis Haskins, Saved By The Bell
NBC via Getty Images/Getty Images
Weird Fun Fact: You can occasionally see Mr. Belding at Harrah's Pool After Dark in Atlanic City, NJ as a guest DJ/events host. AC and Vegas appearances aside, Dennis Haskins is still acting, appearing on different TV shows, in movies, and even videos. His upcoming work includes:  My B.F.F, Beauty Mark, and Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D as Santa Claus.

Yikes. Who could have predicted Screech going to jail?! We sure weren’t expecting that.


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