Apocalypse now: the millennial movie countdown

Apocalypse now: the millennial movie countdown

The clock is ticking down. There are only a few more weeks to catch up on Hollywood’s end-of-the-world flicks before life as we know it goes to … well, you know.

Don’t worry about whether you’re prepared for armageddon, though. We’ve done the research and stocked the shelter with enough apocalyptic flicks to see anyone through a nuclear winter.

So grab your sunscreen, head for the hills and remember the remote. It’s time for the final countdown:

20. “The Omega Man” — Imagine your worst nightmare about the end of the world, and Charlton Heston probably suffers it in this adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend.” He’s the last guy on Earth, and as luck would have it, there are zombies spawned from germ warfare trying to tear his guts out.

19. “The Seventh Sign” — Forget Ah-nuld in “End of Days.” The true biblical blood curdler is this mid-’80s parable starring Demi Moore. She’s the only one who can stop the rivers from forever running crimson. Michael Biehn, out of Terminator/Navy Seal mode, plays her low-key husband. Jurgen Prochnow is the ultra-creepy avenging angel.

18. “Strange Days” — Nothing’s more timely than this millennium murder mystery, which takes place on the eve of the 21st century. Ralph Fiennes is a cyberpeddler hawking memories of real experiences to sensory-deprived customers. When someone starts using his virtual addictions for real-life killing, the hustler finds it hard to keep partying like it’s 1999.

17. “Night of the Comet” — So bad it’s great, this low-budget sci-fi quickie features a killer comet, valley girl heroines and a couple of hilarious, over-the-top villains. As the baddies chase the gals cross-country, the filmmakers forgo logic and effects and concentrate on making cheeky fun of the genre.

16. “Deep Impact” — Last chance to clear those tear ducts before Y2K becomes reality. “Armageddon” may have the firepower, but when it comes to good old-fashioned emotion, even cynics agree that Morgan Freeman makes a first-rate president as the fate of all mankind rests in the balance.

15. “The Stand” — Nobody does the good, the bad and the apocalypse quite like Stephen King. Clocking in at around six hours, this epic showdown between the forces of light and dark tempts viewers to figure out who’ll be the last man or woman standing. Our bet: Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe, who have already survived their Brat Pack infamy.

14. “A Boy and His Dog” — Before he lost his socks and collared shirts, “Miami Vice’s” Don Johnson roamed the wasteland with a telekinetic dog in this smart and sassy cult favorite. On a mission that would make his ’80s alter-ego proud, the young traveler and his trusty guide forage exclusively for two things: food and women.

13. “WarGames” — It has no radioactive mutants, martians or supernatural boogeymen, and it’s not rated R. But John Badham‘s “what if” scenario for world destruction is as tense and thrilling as cinema gets. In today’s Internet-crazy universe, the prospect of a Matthew Broderick-like hacker accidentally setting off World War III is an apocalyptic possibility a little too close to reality.

12. “The Road Warrior” — After the world goes boom, there’s nothing like a harried Mel Gibson in shoulder pads and biker boots to raise hopes for a new savior. It wouldn’t be the end of the world without Mad Mel dispatching a dozen or so mohawked punks who can’t wait for their turn at the gas pump.

11. “Escape From New York” — One look at Kurt Russell‘s scowl and eye patch, and director John Carpenter‘s message comes through loud and clear: The future could be very, very ugly. Nihilistic, dark and altogether winning, this action-adventure has hero Snake Plissken out to rescue the president in 24 hours, or else the world gets it.

10. “Ghostbusters” — If the destructor of the universe really were a 100-foot Stay Puft Marshallow Man, who else to call than smart-ass Bill Murray and friends? The “Saturday Night Live” star knows how to handle millennial boogie woogies: Simply sit back and make fun of them. Dogs and cats living together? That’s “mass hysteria.”

9. “Planet of the Apes” — Charlton Heston is in for an unforgettable surprise at the end of this classic sci-fi flick. He’s a U.S. astronaut stranded on a planet where ape creatures walk and talk while humans wander about beast-like in loincloths. The first in the “Planet of the Apes” series offers plenty of action, intrigue and the best use of a New York monument in movie history.

8. “The Last Wave” — “The Truman Show” director Peter Weir arrived on the scene with this frightening vision of the apocalypse. Richard Chamberlain of “Shogun” infamy stars as a lawyer assigned to defend a group of aborigines on trial for murder. His investigation leads to a series of scary, oddly fascinating discoveries.

7. “On the Beach” — The bombs have landed, and the radioactive cloud is on the way. Submarine commander Gregory Peck surfaces long enough to search the barren Australian landscape for survivors. It’s all in the name of superior drama that realistically explores the effects and true terror of nuclear holocaust.

6. “Last Night” — Winner of multiple Genie Awards (Canada’s equivalent of the Oscar), this low-key drama skips the Bruce Willis histrionics and focuses on regular people living through the last six hours of the planet. They eat, they talk, they fight, they even love a little. In the end, they do exactly what people might do on the last night of their lives.

5. “War of the Worlds” — The granddaddy of martian invasion movies puts “ID4” and everything that followed to shame. The effects stand up, and the concept’s sound. Based on H. G. Wells’ famous story, this classic, featuring Gene Barry as a scientist who’s on to the green beings’ game, is truly one for the ages.

4. “12 Monkeys” — Bruce Willis can’t stop the world from coming to an end, but maybe he can figure out what pretty boy Brad Pitt has to do with it. As a psychologically damaged hero from the future, the action star finds himself trapped in a Terry Gilliamesque present that’s flawed with all sorts of dark eccentricities.

3. “The Rapture” — “The Player” screenwriter Michael Tolkin directs a singular motion picture that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Mimi Rogers stars as an L.A. swinger who trades in her hedonism for religious fanaticism just in time for an apocalypse literally straight out of the Book of Revelations. Expect the unexpected in this controversial mind-blower.

2. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” — Klaatu barada nikto! That’s the unforgettable phrase from Michael Rennie as a foreign visitor who comes to warn Earth about the dangers of weapons of mass destruction. This landmark science-fiction film is the best defense against the real apocalypse. If aliens can’t stop us from playing mean, who can?

1. “Miracle Mile” — Never heard of this gem from director Steve de Jarnatt? When it comes to end-of-the-world scenarios, this one’s the absolute keeper. Before he donned his “ER” scrubs, Anthony Edwards had his best part to date as a modest, likable musician who finds the girl of his dreams … 90 minutes before a nuclear bomb strike. As he demonstrates, when it comes to the end, it’s not about quantity. It’s all about quality.